An Object In Motion Stays In Motion!

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Album: EAT SHIT! (2006)

Song: Wolf In Sheeps Clothing

Bitrate: 128kbps

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An Object In Motion Stays In Motion is the Acoustic project of Kellen Owens,

Formerly known as One o'clock call, then discovered One AM Radio, Kellen Decided to change the name to the definition of Inertia.

Over four years, An Object, wasnt not taken seriously as something Kellen would do as a main or even side project, it was a way for him to vent and express his feelings about life, love, happines, hate, and anger. An Object isn't the same as your many other shall we call "emo" acoustic bands, Kellen trys to branch out of the whole girl dislikes me cause im sensitve highschool bullshit, AN Object trys to enquire on more relivent matters.

Kellen Does not play many shows under this name for he doesnt care if people like it or dislike it, its strictly for him.